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The Hottest In The Market – The H20 Mop

H2O Mops Remove Tough Dirt and Stains with One Pass

This is what every woman of the home dreams about, one of the best steam mops, a cleaner that mops up dirt and stains from all types of floors with just one pass. It is lightweight but durable. Built for easy handling, the mechanism of H2O mops lasts for years and years. It comes with a set of replaceable mop pads made of absorbent microfiber. The pads are easily cleaned in a washing machine and just as conveniently dried.

No grime too tough for the H2O mop to handle

The heat and moisture from the steam melts dirt on the surfaces of floors. The pressure blows away grime that is lodged in between the floor tiles. Once loosened and melted, the dirty liquid is literally sucked up by the mop pads which are especially made for that purpose. There is no need to do follow ups. The mop leaves the floor dry. This miracle mop works on most materials used to make flooring, including granite, linoleum, marble, stone and hard wood.

H2O mops kill certain types of microbes and mites

The hot steam is capable of killing certain types of bacteria as well as microscopic mites. Floors become sanitized after they are cleaned with the H2O mops. Your home will no longer be a breeding ground for microbes and your children can safely play on the floor.

Lightweight materials and unique triangular mop frame

H2O mops are so light even your grandmother can work them with little effort. The triangular mop frame swivels to get into the corners and sides of the room. It is narrow enough to pass around toilet seats. The steaming device lasts for years. Any replacements which may result from the wear and tear will be for minor parts.

The set of mop pads will last the lifetime of the mop

This miracle cleaner comes with a set of identical mop pads which are made of thick and super-absorbent microfiber. The pad absorbs the dirty liquid resulting from steaming the grime on floors. Once soaked, they can be easily detached. They are washable and will dry in a few minutes if exposed to hot air. The set of mop pads can last for the lifetime of the mop. But replacements are available from the manufacturers and their outlets upon request.


If used with a specially designed rolling stand H2O mops may be used to steam-clean rugs and carpets, thick curtains and the seat of sofas. The latch-on hand held steam cleaners is detachable and may be hand held independently to steam-clean bathroom walls, kitchen table tops and other surfaces not accessible to the mop itself.

The H2O mop is every housekeeper’s dream realized. It is easy to use, efficient, neat and versatile. No household that prioritizes sanitation should be without it.

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