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The Aqua Laser Steam Mop

Aqua Laser Steam Mop

The Aqua Laser Steam Mop uses state-of-the-art cleaning technology to make your house squeaky clean! It is a versatile floor mop that produces all-natural steam vapors in just seconds! And when we say versatile, we mean it. You can use this unique mop on surfaces like tile, marble, wood, gout and even carpet! Basically, you can use the Aqua Laser Steam Mop anywhere cleaning is needed. With the Aqua Laser Steam Mop who needs anything else?

No More Chemical Cleaners!

With the Aqua Steam Laser Mop, you can forget those overpriced chemical cleaners. You wouldn’t need any! It keeps your house clean and healthy at the same time, and that makes this remarkable product economical, safe and environmentally friendly. Worried about drying time? No problem! The Aqua Laser Steam Mop produces a minimal amount of moisture allowing it to dry immediately. No residues can escape this wonder mop because it utilizes steam.

How to use Aqua Laser Steam Mop?

aqua laser steam mop

When you purchase the Aqua Laser Steam Mop, you can throw away your traditional mop and bucket and overpriced cleaning solutions that don’t even get the job done. The Aqua Laser Steam Mop can clean your house with better results, and you need not put a ton of effort into it! To use this incredible mop, all there is to it is to fill up its tank with water. After 30 seconds, you can start steaming all your dirt problems away! Simply push the button and you’re all set. A full tank of water can deliver up to 20 minutes of steam! Now that’s a lot of cleaning time.

How exactly does this magnificent product work, you ask? The Aqua Laser Steam Mop delivers steam molecules, which can reach and destroy any pesky germs, grime and debris. The steam’s heat is so intense that it can kill all pathogens along with your salmonella or E coli worries. You can expect nothing short of extreme clean when you use the Aqua Laser Steam Mop. If you are from the NZ or Australia, you can get it here

For NZ & Australian Customers – Get It Here!For US Customers – Get It Here!

Aqua Laser Steam Mop Features

The Aqua Laser Steam Mop can be easily put into storage because of its easy-fold feature. Not only that, this mop can offer long lasting tough action because it has a convenient 16-feet long electrical cord providing you with a huge cleaning range, two (2) microfiber pads, a 180-degree rotating mop head, and a 1500-watt heating element. Not to mention that it also offers an 11-inch wide cleaning path. And that’s not all! When you get the Aqua Laser Steam Mop, you also get a carpet attachment that can clean and disinfect your carpets effortlessly! Rare will you find such a magnificent product like this one!

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  1. RAY BOWYER 1 October 2011 at 3:00 am Permalink

    water compartment leaks what shall i do

    • Paul 1 October 2011 at 9:22 am Permalink

      There is 2 things you can do.
      -You can choose to refund or return the product, they will replace a new one for you if the product is still under 1 year warranty.
      -you could find the replacement parts for the water compartment. Or maybe, you could glue the leaking area. However, I suggest refund the product as I don’t seems to find the replacement part readily available online

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